Arron Jones Magician

'This guy is one of the best' - Yorkshire Live

'Amazing' - Ronan Keating

Are you not entertained!

Meet Arron Jones, a magician who has redefined the art of magic with his unparalleled creativity and unique approach to performing. He is regarded as one of the most innovative magicians of our time, and his performances leave audiences awestruck and amazed.

Unlike traditional magicians who rely on familiar tricks and illusions, Arron creates his own unique brand of magic, blending elements of theatre, music, and comedy to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for his audiences.

With a charismatic stage presence and quick wit, Arron has the ability to engage and captivate his audience, leaving them in fits of laughter and amazement. Arron has stormed the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and performed close-up magic for 12 years so whether performing for a large audience or an intimate gathering, Arron’s shows are always full of surprises and leave his audience wanting more. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining magician who knows how to make you laugh, Aaron Jones is definitely the one for you.

So, prepare to be amazed and enter the world of Arron Jones, the most creative and unique magician ever.


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