Arron Jones in a straitjacket

'This is the magic show to see if you think you've seen it all' - World Magic Review

Edinburgh Live’s Number 1 pick of the Free Fringe 2022! 


One devilishly handsome magician trapped in a straitjacket. Mind-melting magic, showstopping laughs and unexpected twists. Is it possible? Come find out! This show from award-winning magician and entertainer Arron Jones throws the magic rulebook out the window! Totally unique, totally hilarious and totally unexpected! Zero sleight of hand guaranteed! 

Card tricks with no slight of hand, mind reading, tricks using unexpected body parts (not that one…behave!). This is the show to see if you’re bored of copy and paste magic shows, come and see something that will make you say, “Wow, not only is that an excellent, creative magic show but the magician is incredibly attractive and clearly a decent human being who gives to charity on the regular but doesn’t go on about it or brag about it on his website.”